Each of our video series offers numerous combinations of camera coverage and studio production services with prices ranging from about $500 and up.
By identifying which video series interests you, you can greatly help us to expedite an accurate quote and evaluate your specific needs. Every customer has different priorities, and it is our goal to help you identify and meet them in accordance with your personal taste and budget.

We encourage you to fill out our confidential Request Information Form. A free consultation with a qualified production manager is also available either in person or over the phone.

Our Studio facility is equipped with:

  • Numerous industry resources at our disposal
  • State of the art Professional editing/production equipment
  • DVD and VHS duplication equipment
  • Graphic artists and media specialists
  • Video support technicians

What To Expect of AJ Bridal Videographers

When our videographer(s) come to your wedding, they will be appropriately dressed for the occasion while capturing your special event and will make their presence accommodating and friendly yet unobtrusive.

Additionally, videographers are equipped with the following:

  • 3-CCD broadcast quality camera(s), digitally recorded
  • Tripods
  • Audio microphones and auxiliary audio sources
  • Professional lighting kit; compact, used discretely, and not blinding
  • Lenses, filters and other accessories as needed
  • All necessary batteries/alternate power sources to run equipment

Ceremony & Reception (Digitally Recorded)
Continuous coverage starting prior to the ceremony through the end of the reception.

Full Featured Version
Minimum 3 complete sets on DVD or VHS are provided. The running time and editing style will be determined after a thorough consultation with our production manager.

Interviews & Commentaries
In-depth or casual interviews and commentaries are gathered from friends, family, and guests throughout the event in a courteous, low–profile fashion.

Beautiful Packaging
Personalized display case(s) adorned with digital images taken from our own footage designed to protect and preserve your video keepsakes.

Digital Mastering
Your completed project is digitally mastered on disc. This ensures all copies will be as clean and pure as the original. A Copy Master is also produced and archived in our studio to ensure highest quality of additional sets for replacement or future purchase.

Lifetime Guarantee
Free replacement or exchange if your recording is unplayable or loss of picture or sound quality occurs. (Not applicable in cases of neglect, negligence, or loss)

We Work with You
If there is something else that you would like to incorporate other than what is described, just ask us about it and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We take pride in satisfying our customers!

For more information, contact us at 410-737-0763